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FullMetal Achemist - DMC FullMetal Achemist - DMC

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Edward May Cry

I'm always a fan of FMA and DMC~
Well i can see that the artwork are very well done but there's some problem in the animations that i feel really weird...Try to improve the animation as well and u may get yourself a high rating...Good job anyways

P.S : Nice Alphonse Sword xD

Sickman V.S. Mouse Sickman V.S. Mouse

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good!

Wow! This is really good! can't really believe that this is your first submission. I guess you are inspired by Animation vs Animator. Really creative at the end XD...deleting Flash can stop that stickman LOL!

im giving u a 8 star. I might given you a 10 if it's created by your very own idea. :D
Just keep it up and you will be great!

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Snowballstick Snowballstick

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Really nice! wish it could have been longer xD!

The Legend Preview The Legend Preview

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Totally Awesome!~~~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~

First of all, you have improve a lot since i last met u.The review below is wad i feel about this Great animation.

The Preloader and menu---Scored 7/10>>>A bit crappy and the menu are glitchy.
The introduction--------------Scored 9/10>>>Great storyline introduction and great
intro animation.
The Animation-----------------Scored 10/10>>Great drawings and backgrounds,
Fluidness is applied to animation.
Sometimes are abit laggy and its
CPU intensive for my pc!!XD
Voice Acting--------------------Scored 6/10>>>Not considered as the best of the best
because of the echo-ing is heard...
Art and background----------Scored 10/10>>Im totally impressed with the
background, Helicopter, the guns ETC...
Hope to see more awesome
background and arts from you

Overall Score-------------------Scored 10/10>>Comments---Great Blockbuster!!!!!
The next generation of guru animation.
Alternative animtion that looks similiar>>>Castle series, Xiao xiao series...!!!!

WOOT YOU ROCK!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@

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Zackie responds:

You made my day, thanks alot, dude

And yea i'm gonna edit some parts to reduce lagg and fix the voices. But i won't fix all the voices though. Take a lot of time, my exams is in 3 weeks time O.o!

The Anger of Animation 3 The Anger of Animation 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Its dam funny and interesting!!
The combination of the first and second episode of "The Anger of animation"
Nice job!!!

Im hoping and desperately wishing for a sequel of this!!!!
Pls create "The anger of animation 4"!!!XD LOL!!!

10 stars!!

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cobra0528 responds:

Thank you. I may or may not make a sequel. If I do, how are you going to know when I post it? :)...I guess just keep your eyes open then

Stunz Stunz

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Y dun u juz finish it!
i wud rate it 5 if u finished it!

Hitman's job Hitman's job

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

nice movie u got there!

Hi SamT_M, I juz wanna say...Nice movie!But there's lot of it u gotta fix...
1. The "Back to menu" button wont work.
2. The 3d turning effect is 2d?!
3. Some of the movement lagged..

And this is all the prob i got for u...=D
Gud luck if ur making other anims.

I gav this submission a vote of 5 XD!!

sam-delitans responds:

i know... dam button! i can say some scenes of the animation lagged also.. sorry i cant post it in fusion-portal, i just cant find a way to get to that website anymore.. sorry
hope you can share this to the website for eleczero to see this :)

Rhg Raffeh Vs Eleczero Rhg Raffeh Vs Eleczero

Rated 5 / 5 stars


AHHAHA!!!!This is cool!!
The sticks!!The credits!!ETC.....
Makes me feel that i wanna work harder!!!
Gud job !!!! 4 thumbs up!!!(oopps only 2 thumbs)
+you should improve the backgrounds!!!it would be Nicer!